HSM Pure 830
Product Information
HSM Pure 830 document shredder
The particularly powerful shredder designed for the department. The efficient drive offers a high degree of effectiveness for an increased cutting performance in continuous operation. The powerful cutting roller for large quantities of paper is impressive due to its high cutting performance.
"Made in Germany" quality
The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine.
Solid steel cutting rollers with lifetime warranty
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers with a lifetime warranty can easily cope with staples and paper clips and guarantee durability.
Automatic correction of paper jams
Via the automatic paper jam correction feature, the system recognises autonomously and quickly whether too much paper has been fed in. The machine goes into reverse or increases the power temporarily and pulls the paper in.
Pressure-sensitive safety element for high user safety
User safety is paramount. A slight pressure on the safety element immediately stops the paper feed and prevents unintentional entry into the machine.
Automatic start / stop with light barrier
An integrated light barrier automatically starts the device when paper is introduced into the feed and automatically stops it after shredding is complete.
Shredder material separation
A separate collecting bag means that the shredder material can easily be sorted and separated for correct recycling.
Technical data
P/N Cutting size Cutting capacity Security level DIN66399 Shredder material Intake width Container volume Voltage Weight
2380 3.9 mm 47-49 sheets P-2/O-2/T-2/E-2
, , ,
330 mm 150 l 1300 w 74 kg
2383 4,5 x 30 mm 39-41 sheets P-4O-3/T-4/E-3/F-1
, , ,
330 mm 150 l 1300 w 78 kg