HSM HL 4809
Product Information
Economic and space-saving
These very compact, horizontal working counter plate presses are suitable for large disposal tasks in retail and in small to medium central storages. The HL 4809 produces bales with a cross-section of 1100 x 750 mm and a weight of up to 430 kg. The bales from a HL 7009 have a cross-section of 1100 x 1100 mm and a bale length of 1200 mm up to 600 kg in weight. Both machines therefore achieve an optimum HGV capacity. With the large bales from the HL 7009, you also save on handling expenses. The integrated hydraulic lifting/tilting device significantly reduces the number of people required to compact the recycling material. Both models are a financial solution, and investments in them quickly pay off.
Large loading aperture
High throughput capacity with large loading aperture
Suitable for bulky material
Long service life
Long service life due to the wear-resistant electro-hydraulic drive Smooth, trouble-free operation due to torsion-free press ram guidance with roller bearings
Pressing plate
Compaction against counterplate by horizontal moving press ram
Low overall height
Easy operation by membrane keypad
Easy operation by membrane keypad
Strapping with Quick-Link wire
Pallet locking mechanism
For safe bale removal.
Convenient filling via hydraulic lifting/tilting device or bevelled hopper
Technical data
P/N Pressing power Loading aperture WxL Machine dimensions LxWxH Cycle time Bale size WxHxL Bale weight Voltage Weight
HSM HL4809 480kN 1020x900mm 5923x1978x2042mm
1200x1100x750mm 400kg 10.7kw 5900kg