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Product Information
Multiple stage shredder systems
HSM TriShredder-6060-3-stage shredding unit with three cutting units and a throughput of up to 2500 kg/h at security level P-3. In combination with a baling press, you can expand the HSM TriShredder 6060 into a complete disposal system
Technical data
P/N Cutting size Cutting capacity Security level DIN 66399 Shredder material Cutting size(1st) Cutting size(2nd) Cutting size(3rd) Weight
1560001 4.6x34mm <2000kg/h P-4/O-3/T-4/E-3/F-1
, , , , , ,
25x160-200mm 10.5x40-76mm 4.6x34mm 4000kg
1560001 7.5x40-48mm <2500kg/h P-3/O-2/T-3/E-3/F-2
, , , , , , ,
25x160-200mm 10.5x40-76mm 7.5x40-48mm 4000kg