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HSM FluidEx 600
Product Information
Quick and reliable draining of full PET bottles, beverage cartons and cans which have been filled or labelled incorrectly or where the sell-by date has been exceeded.

Containers emptied by up to 98 %
Optimum removal of any remaining liquids using 2-shaft technology
Low space requirement
Both manual and automatic filling possible
Specific discharge system for liquids via hose or pump (not included in the deliv
ery) Easy to clean due to inspection door and hinged outlet chute
Ideal as complement to the HSM baling presses.
Throughput up to 10.000 PET bottles (1litre) per hour.
Technical data
P/N Working width Loading height Volume reduction Capacity Dimentions Voltage Driving power Weight
1985134 600mm 1266mm 1266mm
10000pcs/h 400V 10kw 1150kg