HSM VK 15020
Product Information
Implementation of special solutions
HSM does not just offer hardware alone, but provides individual system solutions as well. When it comes to demanding systems, you can benefit from our extensive know-how and broad experience. Experienced HSM specialists assist you right from the start on site and provide ongoing support and service. With the wide range of options and accessories, our disposal solution can be fully integrated into your existing operation and processes. The individualised design makes the entire system efficient.
Continuous loading
For continuous loading with conveyor belt.
Gimballed press cylinder system
Tension free mounted press cylinder Reduced wear on the pressing cylinder and press ram guides Longer service life of the hydraulic cylinder and other components
Solid press carriage guidance with easy maintenance access
Optimal self cleaning of the roller track Individually arranged, movable rail cleaners Very strong roller bearings Direct lubrication
Locking cylinder
Increases operational safety during wirestrapping e.g. if there is a power cut Prevents the press ram being pushed back during bale strapping at emergency-stop or loss of power Prevents bending of the wire insertion cylinder
Wear-resistant steel
Use of wear-resistant steel for highly stressed areas Double-walled design of pressing chamber andpressing channel ensures easy maintenance and replacement* Wear-resistant steel twisting fingers for a very long service life
Frequency controlled drive
Energy savings of up to 40 % compared to the standard drive with unchanged performance Process optimisation Energy-saving motor and machine drive Available as option
Door safety lock system
Key-operated inspection door safety lock system (Castle-lock) for highest level of operator safety
High bale quality
Software, optimally adjusted for the different materials, guarantees high bale quality even when material is frequently changed Optimised bale dimensions and bale weights for efficient truck loading Possible to switch-off wire strapping manually
Technical data
P/N Motor Pressing power Volume throughput Bale size Loading aperture Strapping x-fold Bale weight Weight
HSM VK15020 55+55kW 1500kN 27.86t/h
1100x1100x VAR.mm
970x2000mm 5 800-1250kg 45t
HSM VK15020 75+75kW 1500kN 38.35t/h
1100x1100x VAR.mm
970x2000mm 5 800-1250kg 45t
HSM VK15020 Customize 1500kN 43.64t/h
1100x1100x VAR.mm
970x2000mm 5 800-1250kg 45t