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Product Information
HSM V-Press 60 vertical baling press
The mobile baling press HSM V-Press 60 compresses plastic film and lightweight packaging material right where the material is.
The used packing material is fed into the HSM V-Press 60 immediately after unpacking and does not need to be transported to interim storage
Effortless to operate with a minimum amount of strength
Does not need any electricity, servicing or maintenance
Bales produced can be re-pressed
Bales produced can be re-pressed in hydraulic HSM baling presses i.e. compressed into denser and larger bales.
Technical data
Order number Loading height Width x Depth x Height Bale weight Press material Method of strapping Number of strappings Weight
6201111 1015 mm 810 x 735 x 1280 mm 40 Kg
Plastic film
Cross strapping 3 95 kg