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Product Information
HSM ProfiPack P425 packaging machine
This high-performance packaging machine is used to process a number of layers of cardboard into a padding mat or padded filling material. The professional device is mobile on steering rollers and can be used with total flexibility.
"Made in Germany" quality
The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine.
Solid steel cutting rollers
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers can easily cope with staples and paper clips and guarantee durability.
Variable cushioning volume
Depending on the application, the cushioning volume of the packaging material can be adjusted as required.
Adjustable working width as required
The infinitely variable adjustment of the working width with a scale allows the production of cushioning material exactly as required.
Intuitive controls
The intuitive operator control panel with LED indicators on a robust keypad signals the operating status of the device.
Castors with parking brake
The device can be used on a mobile basis and has smooth-running, stable castors with a parking brake.
Dust Extractor
The compact and powerful dust extractor in dust classification M is the perfect addition for clean operations with the HSM ProfiPack P425 packaging machine. Cardboard and dust particles are extracted reliably.
Technical data
P/N Infeed height Cutting capacity Cutting speed Intake width Noise level Voltage Driving power Weight
1531154 20mm 3layers 220mm/s
59dB(A) 230V 1.8kw 160kg
1531054 20mm 3layers 220mm/s
59dB(A) 230V 1.8kw 160kg