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Case studies

HSM Products application

HSM Shredder and Baling press products are widely used in various fields, providing customized solutions for a variety of material.

We are your partner – for products and project planning! HSM does not just hardware alone, but provides individual system solutions as well. When it comes to demanding systems, you can benefit from our extensive know-how and broad experience. Experienced HSM specialists assist you right from the start on site and provide ongoing support and service. With the wide range of options and accessories, our disposal solution can be fully integrated into your existing operation and processes. The individualised into your existing operation and processes. Get in touch with us and HSM will find the right soultion for you individual requirements.

HSM VK 1210 - Cardboard pressing

Up to 2 tons/hour capacity

HSM VK 1210 - Plastic film pressing

Up to 1.5-2 tons/hour capacity

HSM VK 8818 - Waste paper pressing

Up to 30 tons/hour capacity

HSM VK 6060 - Multi shredder system

Up to 2.5 tons/hour shredding capacity

HSM VK 12018 - Waste material pressing

Up to 40 tons/hour capacity

HSM VK 15020 - Mix material (regenerated fuel) pressing

Up to 40 tons/hour capacity